Craft Feathers

Craft feathers for all occasions

Craft feathers are ideal for sprucing up your wardrobe, office or living room. You can browse over a fluffy range of goose, marabou, pheasant, and ostrich feathers. Whether you need goose or natural feathers, you will find plenty of plume art packs.


Creative writers wanting to embellish their pens should check out the hand-painted ombré gold goose feathers, which come in a range of beautiful shapes and colours. Handpicked by a gifted Australian artist; these fluffy feathers will brighten up your desk in no time. Feathers are versatile decorations and can brighten up any social occasion if you know how.


If you have a party coming up, then look no further than DIY ostrich craft feathers. They are perfect for wedding party decorations, especially if you think its going to be a loud one. If you want a different feather colour, why not go for peacock tail eye feathers instead? They will make a tasteful embellishment to any living room, office or house party. There is a tremendous range of peacock feathers, including the natural blue peacock variety, which has been hand-chosen especially by an Australian artist.


For a more gentle approach to plumage decorating, emu feathers are naturally light and are the perfect companion for a wedding hat or fancy dress. Likewise, goose feather packs and leopard print pheasant feathers are guaranteed to liven up a big night out. Or if youre really looking to spice things up, try adding a feather boa. A sure-fire way to get noticed and add an extra bit of glam to the occasion.


If youre running low on craft supplies try adding something a little different to the kit like quills or marabou feathers. Or if youre looking for craft feathers as a gift or decoration, then there are no shortage of fluffy options for you to choose from. Unleash your creative side with a craft feather packs, whether its goose, ostrich, emu or pheasant. Order your craft feathers today and see what plumes take your fancy.