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Craft Markers and Pens

When it comes to arts and crafts, craft markers and pens are some of the most basic craft supplies that are used in many craft projects. They are diverse in colour and texture, and the different ingredients used in markers and pens make them suitable for drawing and writing on different surfaces.

What can you use craft markers for?

  • Art: Craft pens and markers are popular mediums for drawing. They come in many colours, thereby making expression of ideas and creativity easy and vibrant. Craft markers come in different widths for different drawing purposes as well. For example, thicker tips suit rough drafts and outlining, while finer tips suit smaller details.
  • Decoration: Craft markers and pens give you a permanent design on many various surfaces. Therefore, it is not uncommon to use them to decorate a variety of items. Use them on walls to create designs, and some can even draw on shiny surfaces like a car. You can personalise many things exactly to your vision.

What are the different types of markers and pens?

  • Markers: Aside from tip size and colour, you can also categorise markers by their ingredients. Professional artists often favour alcohol-based markers because of their wide range of colours and their ability to blend with a neighbouring colour. Water-based ones are better for young children as they are easy to wash off and would make things less messy.
  • Pens: Pens come with many different tips and bases, similar to the markers. There are ballpoint pens, felt tip pens and gel pens, among many others. Ballpoint pens are a familiar choice also available office stationery. Felt tip pens can give a similar texture to markers but have finer tips. Finally, pens with gel ink offer darker and thicker lines than the other pen types.

What other art supplies can you use, instead of markers and pens?

  • Paints: Paints are also popular craft supplies. Just like markers and pens, different types of paint would be useful for different styles and different surfaces. Types of paint include watercolour, acrylic and oil paints.
  • Pastels, Chalks and Crayons: Pastels and chalks have similar textures, giving soft colours on paper. Crayons are popular among children crafts as they often come in shorter, chunkier forms that are easy for young children with developing motor skills to handle.