Craft Pottery Wheels

Craft Pottery Wheels

Watching an experienced potter throw clay on a wheel can be a mesmerising experience, especially when a beautiful object is created. The process of building up a ceramic pot or vase from a lump of clay draws many people in. If you are looking to try your hand at throwing clay yourself, remember that not all wheels are equal.

Kids Throwing Wheels

Toy throwing wheels are very popular in craft and toy stores. Usually made of plastic, they often run on batteries. These motors are not very strong and can only handle small amounts of clay at one time.

Kick Wheels vs. Motorised Wheels

Kick wheels are ones where you have to do just that: kick to make the wheel turn. They are a very traditional way of throwing clay, but they are bulky and heavy, so they are not portable either. At the same time though, as there are no motors, kick wheels tend to last longer and require less maintenance over time. On the other hand, motorised wheels can be as small as one that sits on a tabletop to a fully kitted out wheel.

Motor Speed and Rotation

Motorised potters wheels come with 0.25 to 1 horsepower motors. The larger the motor, the heavier the clay the wheel can handle properly. If you know you want to throw large clay objects, check with the manufacturer information to verify the recommendations. Additionally, not all motors can be reversed. If you might be changing throwing style or are left-handed, check to verify your wheel can do this.

Other Pottery Tools

While youre looking for pottery wheels, why not have a look at other tools useful with clay? In addition to shaping the clay with your hands, craft pottery tool sets give you many options for sculpting the clay. Of course, unless you are using air dry clay or have a friend with one, craft pottery tool sets are an important addition to your studio as well.