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Craft Woodworking Supplies

Artisans use woodworking supplies to create finished pieces prized for their beauty and workmanship. Whether you're a professional woodworker or a weekend hobbyist, you can purchase wood, such as timber slabs as well as adhesives and the necessary hand tools to complete a project from beginning to end. Likewise, other craft woodworking supplies are available, such as veneer tape, touch-up crayons and heat burning pens to add to your supply inventory.

Craft Wood Carving Hand Tools

Craft wood carving hand tools are available in carving sets to add detailing to wood, clay and wax. The chisels have wooden handles and weigh approximately 100 grams each. Sets contain square and skew chisels, parting tools and gouges. Furthermore, you can purchase single carving knives to use for a specific task that have straight or curved edges with round necks. Most wood carving tools are made from steel due to its superior strength.

Wood and Woodworking Project Materials

Wood and woodworking project materials include linseed and beeswax oil to polish furniture or turning blanks to make furniture legs. Purchase craft boards in packs that are dry and ready to use; plus, you'll have wood on hand for future projects. Additionally, sawn boards are available in random widths and lengths as well as knife scales suitable for smaller projects in black walnut, African ebony and other woods.

Craft Woodworking Instruction Books

Whether you're a novice or a veteran woodworker, craft woodworking instruction books provide ideas and detailed drawings for future projects. If you normally make furniture, you can learn how to construct wooden toys or build a life-size boat. Books contain designs and instructions to make toys with moving parts or a wooden sail boat or runabout. Moreover, you'll find manuals that give directions on how to finish wood.