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Creative Computer Speakers

Listen to your digital music collection as you work, watch movies during breaks, or enjoy a captivating game in clear sound using Creative computer speakers. Creative, a Singaporean company started in 1981, is a global trailblazer in the audio and personal digital entertainment sector with products such as sound cards, speakers, headsets, earphones, and portable media devices. The company is famous for revolutionising multimedia and for the introduction of Sound Blaster sound cards.


Computer speakers come in a different sizes, from the two-speaker designs that sit easily on your desk's surface to the large designs that set up in a room. Look for features that enhance your user experience. Creative computer speakers with volume control features offer convenience and ease of use as the controls are within reach, while speakers with a headphone jack offer easy connection to your headphones.


Your computer desk real estate usually determines the type of speaker configuration to use. When space is at a minimum, a single speaker or a 2.0 stereo system works well. If you have the floor space for it, and fancy a better listening experience, mull over the 2.1 or 5.1 configurations that include a separate subwoofer, as subwoofers really enhance the quality of sound. Set up 5.1 surround sound speakers for a truly immersive experience while gaming or watching a movie with six speakers placed all around you.

Speaker Placement

To get the best possible sound where you're seated, ensure that the speakers are pointing at you, so adjust the position and angles until it sounds pitch perfect. With a 2.0 configuration, you only have two speakers facing you on the front left and front right, but with a 5.1 configuration, you need to have two front left and right, a centre speaker, two surround speakers behind you, and a subwoofer.


Cut down cable clutter by pairing your Bluetooth-enabled speakers and computer wirelessly. Creative USB-powered computer speakers also offer better sound than those connected via simple audio jacks.