Credit Card Terminals & Readers

Credit Card Terminals and Readers

Shopping without cash has never been more convenient and credit card terminals and readers are just another way that purchasing goods and services is becoming even easier. Whether youve got a stationery business or are constantly on the move, theyre an ideal companion in an age when few people carry cash. Just connect them to your smartphone or tablet and let the transactions app do the rest. From cash register card encoders and readers to tiny dongles, theres something to suit every business owner.

Designed for All Businesses

Whether you want a basic card reader or something with more advanced hardware options, there are a whole range of cash register accessories available. Some are like small dongles that plug into the headphone jack of your smartphone or tablet and can be used by customers to swipe their credit card, with the transactions handled using a companion mobile app. Others are larger, separate devices with their own keypad, slots, and screen that connect with your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth.

Standardised Apps

The apps for credit card terminals and readers have been largely standardised, making it easy for both business owners and customers to feel comfortable using them. You can create different item categories and even issue refunds, as well as export your sales trends to online accounting services. This is an impressive and powerful feature to help you stay on top of your business finances.

Pay Your Way

Most credit card readers support the chip-and-PIN Australian standard, as well as traditional magnetic stripe transactions. Some also support the latest "tap and go" feature for small payments.

Latest Technological Features

Credit card terminals and readers are constantly being upgraded in response to mobile payment trends and advances in credit card security. New features are making it easier than ever for business owners to manage their finances in an efficient manner and receive payments no matter where they are working.