Quick and easy crepe makers

Crepe makers allow you to enjoy light and tasty crepes for brekky, lunch, and dinner. Easy to use, and easy to clean, crepe makers are convenient pieces of cookware available in both modern and traditional designs to suit your kitchens design, making the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Different types of crepe makers

To finish your meal with a delicious French style crepe dessert you need an easy to use crepe maker. Some Breville crepe makers feature a non-stick circular cooking plate and temperature selection for making tasty crepes, pancakes, and pikelets in seconds. Also included is a batter spreader for consistently smooth crepes.

Continental style crepe makers are available in a selection of styles and designs. Unlike traditional flat pan crepe makers, the Dutch designs typically feature a removable non-stick circular pan with deep round indents on the surface of the cooking area.

If you prefer to make crepes in the traditional flip over style, choose a Pyrolux crepe pan. The 22cm steel construction crepe maker has a triple-riveted handle and allows for longer pre-heating before adding your batter mix.

Crepe makers that simultaneously make two mini-sized crepes are available in a range of designs. The electric oval-shaped, non-stick crepe makers have a hinged lid that seals the batter mix inside until perfectly cooked. Light indicators on the outside let you know when your mini crepes are ready to eat.

Create light and fluffy crepes with versatile crepe makers

Easy to use electric crepe makers take the guesswork out of making light and fluffy crepes. These non-stick pans allow you to make perfectly formed, evenly cooked crepes every time.

Pour your crepe batter onto the non-stick surface and spread it out. After a few seconds, the crepe will be firm and golden. Flip over and remove when ready and repeat over and over again.