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Cricket equipment for every athlete

Gear up and get stuck into Australia's favourite summer sport, whether you're a beach cricket expert, rising junior star with big goals, master player, or just like batting in the backyard. With a huge range of cricket equipment including balls, bats, clothing, helmets, gloves, and memorabilia, you can find your cricket gear essentials here on eBay.

Cricket bats and grips

The Gray Nicolls Fusion 750 cricket bat is a popular choice, largely due to the fantastic revolutionary design which provides the ultimate driving power.

The Kookaburra bat is another hot favourite, available in a range of models such as the Kookaburra Bubble II, Bubble 900, Blaze, and Kahuna. Kookaburra bats have funky and unique designs, so you always know which bat is yours.

Don't let your accuracy suffer because of a worn-out grip. Brand new cricket bat grips will be your new best friend, and are available from your favourite brands such as Kookaburra, Gunn & Moore, Hybrid, and New Balance.

Cricket gloves for all levels

When it comes to cricket gloves, you're really spoilt for choice. Serious cricketers should consider the Kookaburra Kahuna players batting gloves, which are top-notch quality. The Hammerhead Platinum 101 batting gloves are also a great choice and are made to test match standard.

Wicketkeepers should check out the Puma Evopower black gloves, or the Spartan MSD gloves. Kids sizes are available from Puma and come in a neat range of colours.

Cricket balls

Choose the right cricket ball for your goals. The Gray Nicolls spin ball shows you where to put your fingers to create a decent amount of spin with your bowling. Kookaburra are notorious for producing great balls, and can be found in classic and commemorative designs. The pink Cougar match ball also has a great reputation for its high quality. You can find individual balls, or stock up on classic premium leather cricket balls, which can be found individually or in a pack.