A massive range of cricket cards

Behind soccer, cricket is the world’s second most popular sport, thanks largely to do with its popularity in Asian countries like India. Obviously, it’s also an extremely popular sport in Australia, often known as ‘the summer sport’ that people mostly concentrate on when their preferred football code takes a break. As such, cricket cards have always been popular amongst Aussie kids. However, with trading cards becoming pretty big business thanks to the popularity of footy cards and even Pokémon cards, there are many cricket cards that have a pretty high value.

If you’ve never collected cricket cards before, that’s ok, because eBay has plenty of items available to help you get started. For the seasoned collector, you’ll also find plenty of individual cards that you can buy to grow your collections.

Popular cricket card sets

Over the years there have been a few different card manufacturers involved in the cricket world. IN the early days, Scanlens led the way, and during the 90s we saw an influx of cards from the Futera brand. Today, Cricket Australia handles its own distribution of cards, through TLA Traders. As a result, there’s something for everybody to collect, whether you love the old-fashioned cards or you want to collect all of the new ones. Here are some popular collections and brands to consider:

  • Scanlens
  • Futera
  • Topps IPL cards
  • TLA Traders BBL sets
  • TLA Traders WBBL sets
  • Cricket Australia
  • Select Australian team cards

You can find individual sets for each ICC World Cup tournament, World T20 tournament and even specific major series such as The Ashes. With a range of different cards to collect in each, there’s lots of collecting fun to be had.

Looking after your cards

Cricket cards may not be as valuable as rare NBA basketball cards, and that’s mostly because of the audience. With a lower number of people buying cricket cards, you don’t quite find the same value in cards. However, that’s not to say there aren’t some rare items out there. Regardless of card value, if you’re collecting something, it makes sense to keep it in good condition. That’s why eBay also offers a large range of plastic inserts, sleeves, binders, books, tins and more heavy-duty display cases to house all of your precious cards!