Crochet Hooks

Crochet hooks for your craft projects

Crocheting is a popular pastime and having the right tools for the job helps you to make beautiful creations with ease. Although crochet hooks might look like simple tools, they, in fact, come in a variety of designs and variations to suit your chosen project. You'll find a wide selection of crochet supplies available for your craft supplies. Choose from top brands like Knitpro, Boye, Patons and Clover crochet hooks plus many others in new and used condition suitable for all budgets. 

Crochet hook materials

Crochet hooks come in a range of quality materials. You'll find designs in wood and bamboo, steel and aluminium and plastic plus combination types. Each material is ideal for certain types of crocheting such as steel provides fine hooks which are perfect for crochet lace, and wood and bamboo help to control the yarn more easily. Plastic crochet hooks are an affordable way to get children into crafting and come in many colours to encourage participation. 

Crochet hook sets

To get started in crocheting, getting a set which includes a range of crochet hook sizes and needles can help with new projects to build up your skills. This is also a great way to encourage children to start crafting, as the range of colourful hooks and crochet sets available makes it fun and exciting. There's also a variety of crochet kits that have other additions such as knitting needles, thimbles, stitch markers and counting circular rings for a host of crafting projects. 

Perfect for handmade fashion

Crochet is a popular way of making handmade fashion items and is a great way to create unique gifts for babies and toddlers. There are plenty of resources to learn how to crochet and getting the right tools can help you create a range of funky pieces for both adults and children.