Crochet Thread

Crochet thread for makers and hobbyists

Whether youre just learning how to crochet or youre an avid fan of this hobby already, we have an extensive selection of quality crochet thread which can be purchased as part of your craft supplies here on eBay to help beautify your handiwork, with yarn available from leading brands such as DMC, Bernat and Aunt Lydia.

Choosing your crochet thread

Crochet cotton is available in a wide range of yarn thickness and colour and your final choice will be dependent on the project in hand and how fine or thick gauge crochet you require your item to be. Once you have decided on your thread, you can choose a size of your crochet hook to suit.

Cotton yarn makes a great choice for garment items, such as socks or gloves, creating end results which are both cosy and breathable. This crochet thread is available in a huge array of colours from neutrals to colour brights, two-tone variegated and metallic mixes.

Yarn thickness

Lace crochet thread is ultra-light and most suited to intricate fine gauge knit projects such as doilies and tablecloths. Perle crochet thread is also a super fine weight made with mercerised cotton (cotton thread with a polyester core) which gives items an attractive, lustrous appearance.

Crochet thread is often available as combed cotton for a super-soft finish. Mid-thickness yarns offer versatility and are straightforward when it comes to knitting, making these threads well suited to projects such as sweaters and cardigans.

Chunky Knits

Alternatively, if youre working on a particularly thick project which you want to be heavyweight and robust, such as a blanket or crochet basket, opt for chunky yarn. Jumbo yarn is great for beginners looking to take on a new crochet or knitting project as its thick and chunky nature means that youll notice your slip-ups more easily and quickly.