Crocodile collectibles to scale up your collection

Crocodile collectibles make a ripper addition to any collection of genuine Australia memorabilia. On eBay, you will find a wide variety of decorative, wearable, and slightly unusual animal collectibles.

Decorative display crocodile collectibles

Porcelain ceramic figurine crocodiles are available in a selection of designs. Cute violin playing crocs are highly detailed mini figurines that are painted and glazed.

Souvenir crocodiles made of metal plate include decorative road signs that warn crocs are nearby. The bright yellow signage is embellished with a crocodile motif and is available in small, medium and large sizes.

Educational collectibles are mini model versions of the popular reptile. These collectible crocodile toys are made from durable plastic and are highly detailed. These model can be used as a prop for storytelling, or for learning all about wildlife. Crocodile collectibles with movable jaws are also available.

Saltwater crocodile collectibles made from genuine bone are authentic decorative pieces to display in any room. The professionally processed crocodile skulls are available in a variety of sizes with an average length between 3.5m and 4m.

Keep your crocodile jewellery in a stylish enamelled and gold plated trinket box. These boxes are made from porcelain and feature a hinged recessed box in the top of the body.

Stylishly wearable crocodile collectibles

Genuine Australian crocodile collectibles, like a tooth necklace, can be worn with any outfit. The brown leather cord necklace features a real 4-6cm crocodile tooth suspended from a brass casing. This handcrafted necklace is adjustable in length.

To complement the croc necklace, add an Australian saltwater crocodile teeth bracelet that boasts three genuine teeth. The exotic design is made from black leather and features large teeth and an adjustable fastener.

Unusual types of crocodile collectibles

Genuine taxidermy crocodile collectibles are derived from reptiles that died of disease or old age. The natural taxidermy models are available in a selection of sizes, and make cracking specimens for educational purposes. Choose from baby crocodiles and saltwater crocodile heads.