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Are you looking for a new game that gets everyone off their screens and outside in the fresh air and playing together? Why not get your family a croquet set? It's a game that up to six players can play, individually or in teams. It involves croquet mallets, balls, wickets and sticks and a yard or other grassy area of some sort. That's all it takes! It's easy and can be played by a wide range of family members, from grandparents to pre-schoolers. eBay has a great range of these fun outdoor games available online every day.

A family game

Getting the family playing a sport together can be a challenge. There are often different physical abilities and different skill sets. The beauty of croquet is that it doesn't require you to run and exert yourself. That's why it works for just about everyone. It's a leisurely game that you can play at an even pace. You just need a lawn space, which can be in your own backyard or the local park.

The object

The game of croquet pits individual players or teams against each other as they race around a circuit of 12 hoops. Players hit either a blue and black ball around the circuit using long armed mallets against the players who hit a yellow and red ball. Once through all the hoops the ball needs to hit a peg to be finished and out of the game. Points are scored if you hit the hoops in the right direction and then hit the peg.

The kits

A croquet set for 6 players has 6 coloured balls, 6 mallets, the wickets and the pegs for the end of each circuit. You can find inexpensive kits for recreational play. If you think you are making an investment in your family's sporting prowess, there are more serious, solid hardwood kits for the serious competition.

If croquet doesn't sound like your family's idea of a good time, continue the outdoor fun with a badminton set, or grab a darts setup for the games room inside. Whatever floats your family's boat, eBay has a huge range of easy-to-play recreational sports for you to choose from. Check them out today!