Take care of your important files and documents with these Crucial computer parts and components on eBay. 

Maybe you have important pieces on your computer that you need to keep safe and stable. Or perhaps you work with graphics and other visual documents that take up a lot of storage space on your machine, or you're a major gamer or show watcher who's loaded heaps of files onto your desktop or laptop. Whatever the case, Crucial computer RAM and drives could be the key with which you access all your most important digital files. eBay has hundreds of computer parts and components from this trusted company, giving you the powerful help you need to keep your machine operating at its best. 

What is RAM? 

RAM (random access memory), is where your computer stores information it thinks it is going to need to access soon. That way it is at hand and can be used quicker. RAM is different from your computer's hard drive, which is where more or less everything is stored. The memory stored in RAM is "forgotten" (but not lost, thankfully!), each time you turn your machine off. Think of it as short-term memory that is replenished as you do different tasks or start and end different computing sessions. 

Crucial not only has enhanced RAM components for your laptop and desktop computer, but also solid state drives and internal hard disk drives that can keep your files and information safe, sound and accessible as you need. 

Don't play games with your computer's information and processing power; buy Crucial computer parts and components online on eBay today and keep tapping, clicking, browsing and playing safely and smoothly.