Cruiser Skateboard

Cruise around on this brand

If youre kickflipping your way into the world of skateboarding and youre on the lookout for the essential board that fits the specific park or street you plan on having fun with your skateboarding mates on, from Globe, Penny, Z-Flex, Santa Cruz; shop a wide range of Cruiser Skateboards right here on eBay.


Ollie to your hearts content with the Globe cruiser. If you require that faster accelerating board that covers long distances, then opt for the globe cruiser skateboard. All come in many different sizes, designs and exciting new patterns including; raised textured patterned deck art, to make your board look awesome. Cool special features such as; bottle openers and black grip tape.


The epitome of complete awesomeness. The Penny Cruiser will have you skating around like there is no tomorrow, in style. Dazzling bright eye-catching deck colours for you to skate, skate and skate some more on. A smooth ride with the perfect high-quality wheels you so desperately needed and wanted. Tighten them cushions to your own style, so hop on for the perfect ride along on your board.


Get ready to go to the next-level of skateboarding. These Z-Flex skateboards are for those professional skaters out there who fancy themselves as the next rising star. If thats you opt for the Z Flex Neon Cocktail 27 that has high-quality maple with sanded wheel wells. Top of the range colourful eye-catching new decks and smooth wheels for the smoother ride.

Santa Cruz

One for the skating fanatics out there and an essential for the skating collectors to get their hands on. Perfect also for a birthday gift for your child or sibling. A durable, demon board designed for those who arent afraid of a bit of speed. You will look retro and legendary with this board under your arm with its beautiful designs and colours to catch the eye and stand out from the rest.