Crystal Candelabras

Crystal Candelabras

Loved by Liberace and seen in all the most elegant homes and hotels, the crystal candelabra is a staple of vintage chic that will add style and sophistication to any table or mantelpiece. Not only do these candle holders add style through the design, the quality crystal used to make them adds a luxurious touch.

There is a candelabra for every style of interior décor, from genuine antique crystal candelabras from the finest makers in the world to inexpensive self-assembly versions that can look every bit as good.

Classic candelabras

The classic crystal candelabra resembles a tabletop chandelier and comes with three, five, or more glass or silver arms to hold your candles. Each of these is draped with hanging crystals to catch the flickering light in a dazzling display of shimmering rainbows.

This stunning, high-end candle holder is just as perfect for an intimate candlelit dinner for two, as it is for a full-on formal dinner party when you want to impress a full table of guests.

Wonderful for weddings

Crystal candelabras are the ideal way to add a touch of traditional romance to your wedding breakfast. These flickering candleholders will add a real sense of magic to the happy event.

You can choose a spectacular silver stemmed centrepiece for the top table, beside the bride and groom, and match it with smaller versions on your guest tables to create a coordinated look and spread the evocative atmosphere all around the room.

Ideal for everyday

Of course, you don't have to save your crystal candelabras just for special occasions, you can use them all around your home to add light and magic anytime.

Glass candlesticks can be cut to look like crystal candelabras for a fraction of the price, making them an affordable alternative to a plain old table lamp. You can use them with standard candles, tea lights or even electronic candles to add a touch of sparkle to your everyday routine.