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CubicFun Puzzles

CubicFun Toys is the company that makes CubicFun puzzles, breathtakingly beautiful three-dimensional puzzles of famous ships, landmarks and more. What began as a simple business in China now operates on an international scale. The company has been in business for over 20 years now. It was the first to come out with 3D puzzles in China. Today, it also offers consultancy services for various business partners.

Queen Anne’s Revenge

Try your hands at any number of CubicFun 3D puzzles, including such offerings as the Queen Anne's Revenge, the famous vessel that Blackbeard once helmed. The box gives you 155 interlocking pieces, and the finished figure stands at 48 by 15 by 42.5 centimetres. At medium to high difficulty, you get detailed and illustrated instructions on building this ancient vessel bit by bit. The product uses paper and EPS foam board as materials.

CubicFun Space Puzzles

Get your youngsters into puzzle building. The National Geographic edition of DS0970H Space Exploration CubicFun space puzzle uses 65 puzzle pieces to achieve a 25 by 22.3 by 46.7 centimetres of figure. These are good for kids ages five and up. You may also check out the National Geographic DS0971h Space Mission puzzle. It has 80 puzzle pieces. Taller than the DS0970H puzzle figure, the complete puzzle stands at 37 by 36.5 by 37 centimetres.

Puzzle for Your Kids

3D puzzles grant numerous developmental benefits to people, young and old. Harness problem-solving strategies and skills in young kids through puzzles. Visual and cognitive skills also improve greatly. Puzzles are good tools for character development. You can help teach your child patience and persistence through these. Urge them on as they initially struggle to complete a set. Reward them for a job well done, and you have illustrated in a practical way that hard work pays off. Let them solve some puzzles with friends and you also help them hone social and collaborative skills.

Puzzles and the Elderly

Puzzles are also good gift options for your parents, grandparents and older friends. Studies suggest that these help delay mental problems. Puzzles also help them continually exercise hand-eye coordination.