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Cuckoo Rice Cookers

Cuckoo Rice Cookers

Rice cookers have certainly made our lives easier and help us to prepare delicious meals for our family with less effort. Cuckoo is a home appliance brand from Korea that makes great kitchen tools including a fantastic range of rice cookers. The make four different kinds of rice cookers, including IH Pressure, HP Pressure, Digital Non Pressure and Commercial. By choosing a Cuckoo rice cooker, you will ensure that you can have perfectly cooked rice any time you like. The range includes Cuckoo 6-cup rice cookers and Cuckoo 10-cup rice cookers plus you can get even bigger machines that will cook more rice at a time.

Digital Non Pressure

Digital non pressure cookers are probably the best option for occasional rice cooking, as they are extremely easy to use and more compact than other cookers. You can cook white rice, brown rice or mixed combinations and have enough rice for the whole family.

IH Pressure Cookers

Cuckoo’s IH Pressure rice cookers can serve between six and ten cups of rice at a time. They come with a diamond coated bowl and steel/plastic outer finish in different colour combinations. One ten cup model is entirely eco stainless steel and has an energy saving function. They all have a digital display so you can see how much cooking time is remaining and easily control the settings.

HP Pressure Cookers

HP Pressure rice cookers from Cuckoo use the heat pressure to cook the rice and can make up to ten cups at a time. Many models have an auto-steam cleaning function which will save you time and hassle in trying to clean the bowl.


Commercial rice cookers are for restaurants and cafes where there is a high volume of rice needed regularly. These are reliable and can handle heavy use with some models making up to 35 cups of rice at a time.