Get one step closer to a bowl of perfect rice with eBay's range of Cuckoo rice cookers. 

South Korea knows electronics. Take a look around your house, your trusted refrigerator, long-serving dishwasher, seen-it-all washing machine, flat screen television, even your blender has probably been conceptualised and created in this tech-savvy East Asian nation. 

Electronics giants such as LG, Samsung, Kyocera and Daewoo are all South Korean brands. Cuckoo is up there too. 

Newer to the scene than other iconic South Korean brands, Cuckoo began as Sungkwang Electronics in 1978, and soon became a large global exporter of rice cookers. While famous for its quality range of rice cookers, Cuckoo also manufactures air purifiers and water purifiers. 

Highly-qualified staff, technological innovation, and quality control from consumer feedback has led to Cuckoo being the unrivalled leader in Korean rice cookers for 14 years. The company has sold more than 25 million cookers and now sells more than 3.4 million sets each year. That's a whole lot of people being able to enjoy perfectly-cooked rice at any time of the day! 

Cuckoo rice cookers come in a variety of appealing styles and colours to suit even the most-seasoned rice eaters tastes. Speaking of taste, Cuckoo's quality range of cookers aren't limited to just cooking rice and can also be used as a multi-cooker to prepare a range of grains, meat, vegetables, soup, stews, and more. There are no excuses to limit yourself to take-out anymore! 

Whether your style is a bowl of aromatic jasmine rice to pair with a spicy stir-fry, a creamy, cheesy risotto with chunky vegetables or even a smoky and delicious Chicken and almond biryani, you're getting closer to your dream meal by browsing eBay's many Cuckoo listings.