Cuisenaire Rods

Entertain your brain with best-selling Cuisenaire rods on eBay!

Cuisenaire rods are a collection of wooden blocks that come in ten different lengths and colours, where each colour represents a specific length that assigned a numeric value. We’ve put together the top-selling cuisenaire rods so you can choose an option that’s right for you.

Cuisenaire rods are the best way to explore mathematics as you learn and play at the same time. It’s popular among kids and students providing a hands-on way to learn basic arithmetical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Cuisenaire rods are also great for learning mathematical concepts and practising with fractions and proportional reasoning.

Why is it fun to play Cuisenaire rods?

Firstly, Cuisenaire rods are colourful and these wooden rods look very interesting with their different lengths. Secondly, they are designed to be engaging and challenging with a vast array of lessons that you can easily play in small groups to more difficult ones which involve creativity.

Cuisenaire rods are widely used by teachers. You can observe students playing with Cuisenaire rods to give you an overview of how they approach a mathematical problem. Moreover, having your students describe the design they created and share the way they were thinking gives you another opportunity to see their skills.

Cuisenaire rods usually come in an easy to store box, making them great for anyone who doesn’t like scattered toys and games. Browse other educational toys such as reading and writing toys or educational number toys.

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