Catching Up With The Time With Curling Gear

Curling is believed to be one of the world's oldest team sports still in existence. While we can argue its origin, it is generally credited to Scotland with a side of attention for the Netherlands. The first written evidence came in the 16th Century, as did artwork showcasing people at play. What began as a pastime in cold winters transformed into a modern sport that features every four years at the Winter Olympics as well as its own televised world championships.

What is curling gear?

While it was once reserved for play on frozen ponds and lochs, with the rise of its popularity you can now enjoy a game or two indoors with temperature-controlled ice and no wind to contend with. You can't play the game without curling gear, which is good news for you as eBay has plenty to offer. In addition to rare badges and patches, you will also find hats, t-shirts, brooms, heads, and more. If you need curling shoes, you will find them! If you are after covers, leathers, or handles, you will have plenty to choose from.

What to look for

A curling stone measures 36 inches in circumference and 4.5 inches in height. The weight, however, varies depending on the competition. It can weigh between 17 kg and 20 kg. Each stone is made using rare granite that is then shaped and polished. Today, there are just two places where this granite is found, one of them is found in Ailsa Craig, a Scottish island, and the other in Wales. New curling stones could be a rarity in future as using rare granite means supplies will eventually run out.

Whether you are looking for a new stone, a previously loved stone, or another broom for your collection, eBay makes it easy to shop curling accessories. It doesn't matter whether you're a budding professional or a passionate hobbyist, you will find plenty of products to choose from.