Curtain Fabric

Curtain Fabric

Buying curtain fabric to make your own curtains at home can be considerably cheaper than buying ready made curtains. Discover the perfect fabric to pair with your style of interior design here on eBay, letting you bring your whole home together.

Homemade curtains will be made to measure from your curtain fabric, so they will fit your window perfectly instead of having to compromise with the closest available pre-made pair. They will be exactly the right length and width and be the perfect match in fabric and style to the rest of your room décor.

Whether you're looking for the charming translucent look of sheer curtain fabric or the lightless sleep of blackout curtains, you can get exactly what you want by choosing your desired fabric.

You can also add features like thermal lining to keep in the heat as well as your personal style preferences, such as pleats, loops, and hoops to really add some style to your home.

Choosing curtain fabric

When it comes to choosing curtain fabric, you need to do more than just measure your window. For length, it is important to allow for a bit extra for the top and bottom fold over seams, as well as a small drop below the level of the window for extra light blocking and insulation.

For width, you'll want your curtains to gather a little rather than be stretched tight, so multiply your window width by at least two and a half times to get the right amount of curtain fabric you will need for the job.

Don't forget the extras

When you're making your own curtains from curtain fabric, remember to order the extras you need too, such as curtain tape for hanging hooks and any other accessories you might need to hang your curtains properly. Beautifully made curtains can easily be spoiled by amateur hanging, so you should choose these as carefully as you choose your curtain fabric.