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Custom Chrome Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

Many motorcyclists spend money on high-end motorcycle parts and accessories, such as custom chrome motorcycle instrument gauges. It is the motorcycle dash that allows for the most customisable options on a bike. You can upgrade with a variety of gauges and bezels via stylish chrome plating. You can even add accents to enhance the look of your ride.

Custom Chrome Motorcycle Brakes

Making modifications like custom chrome motorcycle brakes and suspension calls for care and expertise. Parts must undergo sure reconditioning before you put the motorcycle back on the road. If you don’t do that properly, accidents and serious bodily injuries may occur.


Modifying your bike with chrome plated fairings and other motorcycle parts increases the aesthetic appeal of your motorcycle, not to mention the resale value. Another major benefit to using chrome is that it helps to reduce heat gain.


Chrome plating your motorcycle accessories gives more benefits other than a cooler look. Chrome plating adds durability to your parts and also acts as a moisture barrier. It also allows for easier cleaning, especially in harder-to-reach areas. Most of the time, you simply need to wipe any dirt off.


Cleaning the custom chrome motorcycle parts on your ride calls for extra care. Clean especially after a dirty, muddy ride. Soap and water may leave your chrome with streaks or marks. For a mirror-quality finish, use a special chrome polish to keep the pristine condition of your chrome. You just wipe off dust and mud using a rag. Use different chrome polishers and waxes like Turtle Wax or 3M Chrome. Some are pasty, while others are liquid. Check ingredients for personal preferences. You may also use hot water for chrome cleaning. Wet your rag with it and wipe off excess mud and grime. Some say hot water may leave your chrome dingy. If that happens, follow up with chrome polish or wax. Make sure you use dirt-free cleaning cloths. Clean with new and unused rags whenever possible. Otherwise, you may scratch the surface. Don’t use abrasive cleaning chemicals to clean chrome on your motorcycle.

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