Custom Number Plates

Personalise your ride with custom number plates

Next to your house and super, your vehicle is one of the biggest investments you make, and certainly the only one on full display to the people around you. With your own set of custom number plates, you can truly reflect your personality and make your car your own, and with the extensive range of customised number plates available here on eBay today and the ease of online shopping, you dont even need to drive your little beauty to find what youre after.

Enjoying the benefits of custom number plates

Custom number plates typically come in three formats. The first are novelty plates that an used on trailer that, by law, does not require its own plates. These novelty plates can be used as a "hand made" plate that you hang on the back of the trailer. Of course, always check the applicable laws in your state to ensure that you comply with all relevant legislation. These novelty plates can also be used to decorate a bedroom or hang on a boat or caravan with fun or meaningful text. Again, if youre attaching these to vehicles, make sure you comply with all laws and attach the plate in an area that makes it obvious its a decoration (such as on a side door), not an official number plate.

The second set of custom number plates are official plates purchased from the relevant road authority, such as VicRoads, Roads & Maritime Services (NSW), MainRoads (WA), and so on. These will have been used on another vehicle but the owner has decided to sell their plates. The third type of custom number plates are official plates purchased from the road authority, but have never been placed on a vehicle and will be in mint condition.

While youre considering the type of custom number plates that fit into your lifestyle, dont hesitate to check out the full range of car and truck parts, including the range of car and truck lights and indicators. Whatever the custom number plates to suit your vehicle, youre sure to rev your engine at all the options available right here on eBay today.