Cutlery Sets

Complete Cutlery Sets

Think in complete sets when you start buying cutlery. This allows you to have matching pieces of knives, forks, and spoons, thus creating a comprehensive style when hosting parties or other gatherings. There are many things to consider when picking out the perfect set, including the material, style, contents of each set, and the number of pieces per set.


For everyday eating, 18/10 grade stainless steel is a great material option thanks to its durability, strength, and attractive finish. If you like funky style or are buying with children in mind, the cutlery could also have some colourful decorations from plastic. Silver plated cutlery sets are a different kind of material altogether, as such cutlery definitely makes an impression, evincing the feel of fancy vintage silver sets. For a truly luxurious feel, you might even buy a set of gold plated cutlery sets. As silver and gold are more expensive, these sets are typically for fine dining and special occasions, but it is great to have one waiting in your cupboard should any such event arrive.


By and large, the styles fall into two categories: classic and modern. Classic styles use very old patterns that match formal dining situations. Modern styles are lighter and less elaborate, better for everyday eating. Funky modern styles can also be quite colourful, bringing some joy and laughter to the table.

Pieces in Sets

Table knives, table forks, and tablespoons are the obvious pieces in any cutlery set, but you might need some extra pieces. Before purchasing a set, think what pieces you need, depending on which dishes you typically serve. Nice additions to your set could include: pastry, fish, and dessert forks; butter, steak, and cheese knives; and teaspoons and soup spoons. Some sets also include pieces for serving, such as honey spoons, cake servers, sugar tongs, and salad servers. Accessory sets may also come separate.

Set Sizes

The more courses your feasts involve, the bigger sets you need. The smallest sets contain maybe four pieces, while the biggest have up to 124. Read the product description carefully to determine how many people a specific set can support. A 124-piece set does not mean that you can have 124 people dining because the set consists of different pieces, maybe about six per person.

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