A CyberPower UPS will protect your most valuable data with no hassle

CyberPower offers many Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) products and accessories. These are backup power systems for individual desktop computers and rack servers. A CyberPower UPS offers surge protection for your computers, and often any USB-powered devices, should the AV voltage fluctuate dramatically, or should the power be cut. This works by switching your mission-critical systems from AC current to battery-stored backup current in microseconds, preventing a loss of data.

These systems use lead-acid batteries. These can provide maintenance-free full-load AC power for several minutes or hours, which is plenty of time for you to finish critical processes and shut your computer systems down safely. This is a "green power UPS" compared to diesel generator back-up power systems, which are messy, high maintenance and pollutes the environment.

CyberPower Desktop Backup Power Systems

Desktop systems are no less vulnerable to power cuts and AC voltage irregularities as servers and rack systems. A desktop UPS from CyberPower offers power surge protection by switching your desktop over to high capacity lead-acid batteries when problems with the AC power are detected.

It is often advisable to supply high-end backup power supplies to mission-critical desktop systems, as this allows them to run for extended periods when mains power is lost or unreliable.

PowerPanel Software

Many of CyberPower's more advanced UPS models work with the PowerPanel software suite. This allows remote monitoring of your backup power levels, current power usage, and even makes reliable estimates of your current setup's ability to withstand prolonged power cuts or brownouts without shutting down. It can also give you enough warning to shut things down when one or more systems are reaching the end of their stored power.

CyberPower models with advanced software monitoring capability include the Smart App Sinewave UPS Series (including the CP1500PFCLCD and CP1500PFCLCDTAA models). Other popular UPS models include the CP1350PFCLCD, the CP1500AVRT, the CP425SLG, and the OR1500LCDRT2U.