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Improve your comfort whilst cycling with cycling bib shorts

What are cycling bib shorts?

For professional cyclists to casual weekend cyclists, bib shorts are a vital and indispensable piece of gear, this piece of equipment has the influence to hamper or significantly improve your cycling capabilities. Bib shorts are lycra cycling shorts with a fit over the shoulders, similar to that of a swimming costume, but with compression capabilities.

How should cycling bib shorts fit?

These bib shorts should fit supportively, they shouldn't be too loose as this will hinder the compression capabilities, whilst they should not be too tight as this can stop blood circulation. On eBay you can find shorts which reflect sunlight, provide abrasion resistance and provide high level comfort for long rides, in various sizes for both men and women.

Which type of cycling bib shorts should I choose?

Bib shorts are intended to allow you to cycle for hours, whilst remaining comfortable and being unhindered by ill fitting gear. Bib shorts typically have in built padded protection, which are designed to protect you from saddle sores and chafing. On eBay you can find cycling bib shorts from various brands who use different material, when you choose your cycling shorts finding material which is moisture wicking and made from quick drying fabrics, can help to make the sweaty ride, a bit less sweaty, these are also suitable fabrics for if it starts to rain!

Cycling equipment

Whether it is time to upgrade your bicycle, your bicycle components and parts , or you want to get your hands on some new cycling clothing or bicycle electronics . You can find a wide array of products on eBay which can help to enhance your cycling performance.