Cycling Hats & Caps

Cycling Hats, Caps and Headbands

Keep cool while still looking fashionable, with a large variety of different cycling hats, caps and headbands to keep out sun, rain and moisture. 

Cycling Hat Choices

When it comes to cycling hat choices, there are a few. A biker hat looks similar to a baseball cap, with a sleeker design and tighter fit. This type of hat typically has a brim, and is able to keep out the suns rays while providing a little bit of shade. Brightly coloured, these hats often match your cycling jersey. 

Cycling Cap Designs

A cycling cap or bike cap will fit snugly around the head and will have no brim. For those cycling in colder temperatures, you may want to opt for an entire-face cap that has a hole for the eyes, ears and nose, to provide overall warmth. Look for different colours that match your cycling ensemble. A bandana is another option to protect your head while cycling. 

Headbands for Cycling

For short rides, or to keep out sweat and moisture in the summer, there are several cycling headband types available. These fit around your head and dont provide head or scalp protection, just merely keep sweat from getting into to your eyes.