Cycling Helmet Accessories

Cycling Helmet Cover

Need an extra layer of warmth, waterproofing or windproofing? Cycling helmet covers are one of the best investments you can make when it comes to cycling helmet accessories. Whether you’re looking for adults or boys and girls cycling helmets, you can find a whole range with specific features that meet your cycling demands.

Protect Your Helmet

Cycling helmet covers will assist in protecting your helmet from the extended exposure to dirt and grime that results from being on the road. Nicks and scratches are inevitable as small rocks or debris get flicked up and a helmet cover will be a shielding layer so that your helmet can maintain a longer life.


While most good bicycle helmets have air vents to help keep your head cool and enable sweat to evaporate, this also means that water can get in when it rains or snows. If you’re out in all conditions, a helmet cover will provide a waterproof layer to keep your head dry, while still allowing a comfortable level of ventilation. Look for bicycle helmet covers with taped or sealed seams, ensuring they will remain 100 per cent waterproof.

Add Some Colour

Is your bicycle helmet in a conservative black, grey or navy blue colour? A helmet cover is an affordable way to give it a little bit of colour and stand out, whether that be for ease of visibility when you’re on the road or just your aesthetic preferences. Reflective bike helmet covers will ensure that other motorists can see you clearly and will help reduce any accidents.

What to Look For

A durable helmet cover should be made of a fabric with a high tensile strength, ensuring it won’t easily tear, even if stretched over a large helmet. It’s also important that it is easy to put on, particularly if you’re main purpose is to keep your head dry when the skies suddenly open. Some bicycle helmet covers come with a drawcord, meaning that one size fits all and they can easily be attached.