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Cycling Helmets

“Never forget your helmet” is always good advice, but it’s equally important not only to look good in a helmet while throwing up dirt in the trails, but to also consider quality. Most helmets suit the general purpose of protecting your skull, but there are also specialised cycling helmets that give maximum protection for specific cycling activities.

Full Coverage

When out conquering mountain trails in the weekends, it’s important to wear full-face helmets. They prioritise protection above all. This means they have superior cushioning and use fiberglass materials to keep them light but strong for those intimate moments between your head and a particularly adventurous tree branch sticking out in your path. These have enough room for full goggles to give you ample eye protection, too.

For Kids

It’s a different story in the cul-de-sac. Kids need ample head protection, but they also need to breathe, which is why kids cycling helmets protect the top of the head down to the rear but leave the face and neck area open so as not to obstruct their view. These also come in a variety of colourful designs that not only look pretty but also ensure optimum visibility as well. When playing under the sun, adequate ventilation is a must to prevent heat stroke, which is why most kid's cycling helmets come dotted with ventilation holes to keep their heads cool while they learn and enjoy riding.

All-around Protection

Except for mountain biking, a quality skate helmet is a good investment. These are versatile, comfortable, and often inexpensive, which makes them ideal to throw into a starter kit for your budding cyclist.