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Cycling Shoe Covers

Cycling shoe covers and overshoes protect your footwear, feet, and shins from the weather, but they also retain heat and protect your feet from road moisture. Some models feature a zipper mechanism for easy fastening, while some are designed with a traditional garter. Other designs add functionality by incorporating reflectors at the heel for higher visibility in low light.

Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes are essential for improving performance when breaking records, or when the slightest change in power delivery is the difference between winning or losing. Built especially for cycling, they have features to improve the way a cyclist powers the bicycle. For instance, cycling shoes have far more rigid soles than normal shoes. This ensures efficient power transfer from the cyclist to the pedals. Additionally, some clip onto the pedals so all the cyclist has to worry about is pedalling, instead of having to worry about proper foot placement as well.


As shoe covers are made of fine, thin fabrics meant to fit snugly around the shoe, ill-fitting ones wear out easily. Generally, XL cycling shoe covers fit anywhere from size 10 to 12 feet, while size M cycling shoe covers are optimal for size 7 to 9 feet; however, this depends on the manufacturer and sizes may not be the same across brands. Cycling shoe cover sizes generally take the size of the cycling shoes into account, so just pick the shoe cover that matches your shoe size and you should be good to go.


Cycling shoe covers are built for waterproofing, but if the rain is pouring so hard that it overwhelms them, it is probably best to stay home this time. For light showers or when the rain subsides, throw on your shoe covers and get cycling. Some use proprietary materials that set them apart from others. For instance, one model may feature Kevlar-reinforced bottoms for added durability, and others may have light but slightly more firm materials to aid in aerodynamics. Added features aside, you can always depend on your shoe cover to keep the road water and slight showers away from your feet and valuable cycling shoes.

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