Cycling Shorts

Cycling Shorts

Quality form-fitting apparel for cycling cut down on wind resistance and ensure comfort. In particular, cycling shorts feature soft, padded bottoms, called the chamois, so your bum doesn't get sore when you ride for longer distances. Browse the different materials, styles, and features to find the right shorts for you. Make sure to check out other cycling clothing to keep you aerodynamic from head to toe and help improve your biking performance.

Other Cycling Clothing

Cycling jerseys are the next most important clothing you can own as a cyclist. It helps keep moisture away from the skin so you stay cooler and avoid overheating. You'll have plenty of options in terms of style, sleeve length, and materials. Consider buying reflective clothing for night-time rides, and keep a supply of cycling gloves and socks on hand to switch out as necessary.


Lycra, spandex, and nylon stretch when you pedal and don't usually bunch up in the seat area. Blends of cotton, polyester, and microfibre help wick dampness away from the body so you stay dry when riding. Some shorts include liner fabrics that reduce humidity and protect the skin from scrapes. Some families may want to shop for brands that offer cycling shorts in the same material for men, women, and children so they have matching outfits when riding.


Whether reviewing the inventories of MTB, Fox, or other branded racing cycling shorts, the most important aspect is the features and design. For instance, one brand may offer an adjustable waistband you like, whereas another might produce complementary clothing in a print and colour that suits your style.


Short pockets are usually placed along the length of one or both legs so you can store a key or energy gel for a quick boost of carbohydrates. Cycling garments with UV protection safeguard your skin from the sun and wind. Other important considerations include water resistance, how quickly it dries, and if it has a detachable liner you can remove for washing. When not cycling, you can wear the shorts without the liner.