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Pump up the volume with a D audio amplifier

An audio amplifier takes an audio signal and increases its power, so that sound can be heard on even a large Hi-Fi or home theatre speaker. As most CD players, DVD players, and satellite TV or cable boxes output very little audio power, an amp is a must for any system.

Stereo speakers require substantially more power to work. Amplifiers, whether stereo or mono, analogue or digital, are vital to making an audio signal strong enough to drive even large, powerful speakers.

Home theatre amplifiers

Similar to the kind of amplifier that is traditionally part of a Hi-Fi, home theatre amplifiers also accept audio signals from your TV, DVD player, or other video sources. Almost all TVs will require an audio amplifier to power something like a subwoofer, which is an important part of most home theatres.

Many home theatre D amplifiers with Bluetooth are also available. These can accept wireless signals from smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even some televisions, meaning you won't need a wire for anything but your power supply.

Multi-zone controller amplifiers

High power amplifiers can now control the speakers in several zones or rooms at once. This allows you to direct an audio signal to the speakers set up in any room in your home. Not only is this convenient for watching or listening to the news during your busy morning routine, it is perfect for entertaining guests and parties.

Class D Amplifiers

A class D audio amplifier, or PWM amplifier, is an advanced type of amplifier which uses transistors as switches, not as linear gain devices. This means that with proper capacitors they can achieve more than 90% efficiency and ultra-low signal distortion. Going for a class D is a great choice, as it will provide powerful sound for all your needs.

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