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DAB Portable AM/FM Radios

DAB Portable AM/FM Radios

Add more jazz to your portable radio listening experience. A Digital Audio Broadcasting, or DAB, radio is the digital alternative to FM and AM radio broadcasts. Since 1995, listeners have been enjoying the many benefits of DAB radio, including less interference, more stations, automatic channel tuning, and live programme information. In addition to being available in portable models, DAB has established itself for stand-alone units as well as iPod docks and hi-fi systems.

A Display Worth Seeing

How the channels, time, and any other feature you have chosen shows makes a huge difference in the ease of using the unit. A DAB Portable AM/FM radio with a digital display is easier on the eyes, easier to read, and easier to change channels.

Listen in Private

For those times when you need to, or simply just want to, listen to your music in private, plug into a DAB Portable AM/FM radio with a headphone jack. This makes for an easy escape when you need a break from those around you and vice versa. When you have to make the most of a small space and everyone wants to be on their own, this can be a huge help.

Small and Compact

The biggest advantage to owning a small and compact portable radio is the convenience of being able to take it anywhere and everywhere. Battery power units mean no looking for an electrical outlet; just turn it on, and start listening.

Your Music

Cant decide if you want to hear a live radio broadcast or pre-recorded tunes? How about picking a portable DAB radio that is also an MP3 Player? Typically, supporting the MP3 function is a microSD card slot. Wake up to the sounds of your favourite radio personalities with a DAB AM/FM clock radio. A clock radio often offers multiple alarms along with an added snooze feature, plus a large clock display.