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DALI Home Speakers and Subwoofers

Whether your favourite sound is rock, country or reggae, sound quality will improve when you choose the right home speakers and subwoofer. DALI home speakers provide a range of products to suit your needs with options in connectivity, design, form factor and colour.

Form Factor

Choose the DALI sound system that will best fit the needs of your home. bookshelf DALI speakers and subwoofers  are always popular because placement can be very flexible. However, you can also select freestanding floor speakers, surround sound and soundbar speakers. Some of these can be placed on the wall while others can sit on a shelf or table. There are even outdoor speakers and subwoofers  which can withstand wind and rain to play music all year long.


Another consideration for DALI speakers is their connectivity options available. Wired systems are the traditional option, but many newer systems feature Bluetooth. There are also cable speakers to choose from. When you go with wireless, you can be more free about the placement around your house, giving you more options.


As you narrow down your choices, you'll want to decide if you prefer two-way or three-way speakers. For the best quality of sound, you may want speakers with high definition or even high fidelity. Many of these speakers will give you a home cinema experience, especially with surround sound.


You can select a speaker system which complements your room design or find speakers with a woodgrain exterior to blend in with the existing furniture in your home. Others may be silver or black for a typical stereo look. You can even get creative and find speakers with a bold exterior like gold, green or even red. You can go as subtle or as vibrant as you like to cater to your personal tastes.