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Got one to sell?

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DDR3 SDRAM Computer Motherboard and CPU Combos

In many cases the easiest way to build a new computer is to look at motherboard CPU combos; it's an easy way to ensure compatibility and get you off to a smooth start. Adding DDR3 RAM to the combo makes it an easy upgrade path, you can just swap out the old motherboard, processor and RAM while still using your other components.

What about Compatibility?

While all computer hardware is generally built to standards, not all parts work together, and motherboards, CPUs, and RAM are ones where the various standards collide most often.

  • Motherboards: An AMD motherboard and Intel motherboard are completely different in design, and the processors will not fit on the other company's motherboards, as they use completely different physical and electrical interfaces.
  • Processor Sockets:Intel processors don't all fit in the same socket, so always check.
  • RAM: Desktop computers all generally use SDRAM, but DDR3 SDRAM has its own socket as do DDR2 and DDR4, and RAM won't fit in the wrong socket.

Building a Computer

Always consider safety when building a computer, a ground strap can protect all the components you just bought while you put everything together.

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