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Discover all the DIY computing components you need at eBay 

Want to earn some serious geek cred? Got some time to spare and some IT knowledge to put to good use? Sounds like you might be interested in having a go at do-it-yourself computer building. Just think, in a few weeks you could have your very own fully-functional PC packed with the specs and features you desire. It’s the amateur developer’s dream project.   

What is DIY computing? 

DIY computing is the latest popular hobby trend for information technology enthusiasts who love a real challenge. The idea is to design and build a custom home computer using various parts and components purchased off-the-shelf (in this case, the online shelf) as opposed to buying a complete pre-built system through a recognised manufacturer or supplier. 

Building your own PC 

Okay, so we’ve established the fact you fancy a bit of DIY computing. Just remember, choosing the most suitable ready-for-use computer by a leading brand is easy, but building your own PC from scratch is a whole different game. Now don’t waste another nanosecond, let’s get started! 

Successful DIY computing is all about two things – a well-researched plan of attack and the right stack of quality components. eBay may not be able to help with you with the former, but we can definitely help you with the latter. 

First, you’ll want to consider your own PC priorities. What exactly would you like this new computer to be able to do? Once you’ve worked out the overall goal, it’s time to shop for the appropriate parts. At eBay you’ll find new and second-hand DIY computer motherboards by Acer, Apple, ASUS, Dell, HP, Intel, Toshiba and other top brands. You will also be able to pick up DIY computer processors, computer graphics/video cards, computer memory (RAM), computer power supplies, computer cases, and a load of laptop replacement parts as required. 

Take your DIY computing to the next level at eBay!