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Like many types of nails, screws and fasteners, anchors are an important tool for hanging items from walls with and without studs. They create a strong, stable point from which you can hang pictures, coat racks and a variety of other items. There are many different types of anchors available. Each has its own advantages and works well for specific jobs. With so many to choose from, you can find anchors that suit your individual needs.

Nylon Plug Anchors

Some nylon plug anchors are made entirely out of nylon, and others feature metal nails or screws with a nylon component attached. Most of these plugs can be screwed directly into the wall, but some require a pilot hole to be drilled before they can be installed. On the majority of these anchors, there are nylon tines that go in easily, but cannot be pulled back through. This provides support and holds the screw or nail in place.

Cement Board Screw Anchors

Cement board screw anchors are made specifically for attaching cement board to wood or steel. They are also suitable for installing bathtub attachments, or for high-density exterior sheathing. Many of these anchors are corrosion-resistant, which makes them a good choice for wet or damp areas.

Expansion Anchors

Expansion anchors work well with concrete, masonry and other hard substances. Once anchored, they feature a component that spreads open, providing a stronger hold over more surface area. They come in fully-threaded and partially-threaded varieties.

Toggle Bolt Anchors

Toggle bolt anchors are one of the oldest and most traditional types of anchors. They have two separate parts, the toggle and the machine bolt. To install them, you put the bolt through the item to which you want to anchor, and attach the toggle on the other side. This type of anchor requires a pilot hole, and it is good for hanging heavy items.