DJ Controllers

Nothing quite compares to the rush of a thousand people jumping in unison to a beat that you're playing straight from your deck. DJ rigs usually consist of a huge range of technology that is spliced together in order to achieve the right sound and mix. DJ controllers are an essential part of any DJ kit, and you'll find a huge range of them from brands such as Denon, Serato, Numark, Novation, Roland and Pioneer.

All-In-One Controllers

All-in-one DJ controllers combine mixing sections with media players and an interface. All of this is done in one single unit. You have physical knobs and sliders as well, and these allow the DJ to have a full, hands-on control of everything at the same time. All-in-one DJ controllers can be connected to a PC or laptop and most of the software or app functions have to be operated via the laptop keyboard or mouse. The knobs on the DJ controller give you the chance to fine-tune the sound to a much higher level while also giving the DJ a much more responsive sound.

Modular DJ Controllers

Modular DJ controllers have a separate sound source. This can include a turntable or even a CD player. Unlike all-in-one controllers, a modular DJ controller can be connected to an analogue mixer. Most DJs, whether they are beginners or experts tend to opt for the all-in-one model as it is much easier and convenient, but modular DJ controllers can be customised to a much higher level and they are considered to be much more adaptable if you have a range of equipment already. Modular DJ controllers rely on the DJ to do most of the work however you do get the chance to give yourself a more unique sound as a result.

Both types of DJ controller give you the chance to control the volume, reverb, delay and more with the touch of a button.