DJ Lighting Single Unit Mirror Balls

DJ Lighting Single Unit Mirror Balls

While there are many things that make a party, a shiny disco ball certainly makes a strong contribution. If you are looking for lighting options for your next event, or perhaps you are a DJ that needs a range of lights for various gigs, a mirror ball is a favourable asset to have. They are particularly great for 70s parties or roller discos as they replicate the disco lights that were popular back in that era.

What Sizes do Mirror Balls Come in?

You can find mirror balls from small to large sizes. It is common to find different diameter measurements such as:

  • 10 cm
  • 20 cm
  • 30 cm
  • 40 cm

Where Can I Put Mirror Balls?

Mirror balls can hang up in the middle of a dance floor so whilst they turn they create a myriad of light patterns around the room. They are also great for stage lighting if there is some kind of performance or show taking place. Some disco balls come with a hook that you can hang up. There are other models that use batteries, so they will rotate by themselves.