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Get the tunes pumping with these DJ Mixers

A DJ mixer from Numark, Denon, Behringer, DVS or Rane is enough for you to bring the house down. A channel DJ mixer such as the X1800 comes with a huge range of features and this can take your DJ equipment to that next level. If you're ready to get the crowd pumping with a Serato DJ set or if you want to invest in a channel DJ mixer then you'll find a wide selection of them on eBay.

Beginner Channel DJ Mixer

A beginner DJ mixer will come with a range of features and these increase the more that you spend. Most of them from brands such as Behringer, Numark or even DVS come with a microphone and a few channels that you can use to crossfade. The most common DJ mixers for beginners come with 3 channels and this enables you to tweak the sound of the vinyl or audio input in terms of the bass, treble, reverb, delay and more. Beginner channel DJ mixers come with an audio input jack with the ability to record onto a mixtape. They can also be paired with sound editing software. Beginner mixers give you the chance to splice songs with ease, while also redirecting cues or non-playing sources.

Expert Channel DJ Mixer

An expert channel DJ mixer usually comes with a huge range of effects. This can include sampling capabilities, sound filtering, precision equalising and even select mixers. An expert DJ mixer will come with a crossfader, ergonomic layouts, EQs, USB hubs, macro FX options, post-faders, XLR outputs and even a range of software to boost your sound. Expert DJ mixers provide a much higher level of pristine sound and they can also come with LED screens as well which allow you to loop a display or a sound easier than ever before.