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DJ and PA Packages

There are several types of equipment that a DJ frequently uses, and one of those is a PA, also known as a public address system. A PA is essentially a voice amplifier that enhances any type of sound and lets the DJ address the crowd. Whether you're just starting your career as a DJ or are simply engaging in a hobby, purchasing a package is an effective way to get several pieces of necessary equipment at once, including a PA.

PA Brands

As you browse DJ equipment, you'll notice some brands that come up again and again. These brands are known for manufacturing DJ equipment as well as other types of sound or music equipment. Some PA brands to consider include Behringer, Gemini, Skytec and Power Dynamics. Each brand may offer distinct features, and because of this, they do tend to vary in price. Additional factors to consider when searching for the right brand include the PA size, what's offered in the package and which accessories come with the kit. Professional DJ brands may offer more high-performance equipment with multiple features, which work well for experienced DJs who require a larger, more efficient kit.

Items in Kits

You may base your purchasing decision on what comes with certain DJ and PA packages. For instance, some packages come with a standard PA system as well as with multiple speakers, a microphone and subwoofers. If you need a portable system, look for a kit that includes a case on wheels for the PA system, while for sound customisation, opt for a package that includes a sound or mixer board along with the PA system and speakers. The more speakers you add to your kit, the further you can project sound, so consider a more elaborate package if you are using the PA in a large space.

Package Features

For a functional, user-friendly system, opt for a Bluetooth-compatible PA package for wireless capability. Choose the PA with the wattage that meets your needs, as they vary in power from 350 to 700 watts and up. A wireless microphone and headset gives you flexibility and convenience, while a package with a remote control makes it even easier to produce sound from anywhere. You can also choose a PA with the features you require, such as MP3 player connectivity and USB inputs, as well as an additional turntable for sound mixing and playing.

PA Accessories

One way to upgrade your DJ experience is by adding accessories that can make your job more fun and much easier. Some accessories to consider include speaker stands, which can help smaller speakers project further by getting them off the ground, extra power strips and cables so you can easily hook all your equipment up safely, cases or covers for your equipment to protect it and a wireless headset for communication purposes. You may want to purchase extra microphones for karaoke or opt for audio inputs.

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