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DVD, Blu-Ray & Home Cinema Equipment

Enjoy the cinema experience at home

Ready to enhance your weekend gatherings with your friends and family by creating your own home cinema? It's all within your grasp – you just need the right products. You'll find them right here in eBay's collection of DVD and Blu-ray home cinema equipment.

For your viewing pleasure

Whether you want a new big screen TV to mount on the wall or stand on your table, or you prefer a projector that brings you a step closer to sitting in a cinema itself with full wall viewing – there's something to suit your viewing habits on eBay.

You'll find a large number of top TV brands, including Samsung, LG, Panasonic and more, in a range of screen sizes – from as small as 20 inches to as big as 60 inches or more. If it's a projector you're after, Epson and BenQ are just two of the popular brands available.

Get the right sound

A home theatre is much more fun if you have great sound to match the high picture quality. That's why finding the right speakers and subwoofers is so important. Both will enhance your listening and viewing pleasure, regardless of whether you're watching the big game, your favourite rom-com or playing the hottest new video games.

Speakers are good for bringing the volume, while subwoofers help you hear every detail – they generally operate at a much broader frequency to speakers, making them pick up and pass on even the smallest noises.

What to watch

Now that you have the setup, it's time to decide what to watch. A home internet and media streamer will allow you to choose anything you want to watch through Google, Apple and other top brands. Or you can go old school with DVDs and Blu-ray movies or VHS movies.

And what's a movie night without popcorn? Grab yourself a popcorn maker, add some butter, and settle down with the family for a fantastic night in with your home entertainment equipment from eBay.