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Disc or New Tech?

Okay, so DVD and Blu-ray hardly represent the latest in tech innovation. While they may still be pretty neat, they’re not exactly new. So, is it worth investing in a new DVD or Blu-ray player when there is newer tech out there? The answer to that is going to depend on the situation of the buyer. For some buyers, streaming is everything. There is simply no need for DVDs and Blu-rays when streaming can offer more choice at a lower price. But, it is worth pointing out that streaming is not for everyone – not all of the time, anyway.

To stream movies and TV, there needs to be a strong, reliable internet connection – with plenty of data to spare. Yes, it’s great to be able to watch new movies and TV shows whenever, wherever, but those essential basics will need to be in place first. What about travelling? Whether going on a road trip, whether commuting or travelling overseas, that solid internet connection isn’t always available. Mobile data plans are soon eaten up by streaming services, while overseas, sometimes internet isn’t available at all. As for the long-term, streamed movies and TV shows generally cannot be saved or kept to watch later – unlike DVDs and Blu-rays that is. And kids? Yep kids have a strange fascination with watching the same movie or show again and again. To save on data, and to allow them to watch anywhere at any time, a disc can often be the best option.

Buying DVD and Blu-ray Players

Of course, DVDs and Blu-rays are of little use without something to play them on. Nowadays, DVD players and Blu-ray players are very affordable, with options that range from high-end to super-tough for kids. To compare all the available players, check out what eBay has to offer. Home to all the big brands, this is the place to find new and used deals. Want more? Take a look at the latest tech in home theatre systems and digital set top boxes. Home entertainment, sorted.

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