DVD & Blu-ray Players

Car entertainment has come a long way since playing the 'Licence Plate Game' or '20 Questions.' Now, there's a range of technologically advanced options to keep you and your passengers from being bored while on long road trips. From the humble cassette player to USB or iPod ports to play your favourite tracks, drivers are no longer dependent on just their radios to entertain passengers - cars and trucks can now be fitted with DVD players.

Perhaps offering the most luxury in vehicle entertainment technology is the car headrest DVD player. When you have rowdy and restless passengers in the back seat, a headrest DVD player can be a breath of fresh air.

How does the car headrest DVD player work?

With a headrest monitor, each passenger has a personal screen mounted on the back of the headrest of the seat right in front of them. Some systems can be programmed to display different movies at the same time, while others may be limited in showing the same one. While they can an expensive investment, they can increase the value of your car if and when you decide to sell it.

Who can benefit from car headrest DVD players?

Many different types of people can find a car headrest DVD player a huge advantage. For example, the frequent traveller can keep themselves entertained as they drive to their destination. Even campers can enjoy this type of unit, as it is not only good for the ride there, but when they have run out of things to do, they can just watch their favourite movie before bedtime. But the type of people who will benefit the most? Mums and dads who are finding it difficult to get their kids to behave during long trips.

Avoid hearing those dreaded four words," Are we there yet?" with a range of high quality car entertainment systems. Fromcar video monitors without playersto car video in-dashunits with GPS and DVDplayer, pimp your ride out with these high-tech automotive gadgets online from eBay.