DVR Other Car Video

A picture is worth a thousand words, and with a dashboard camera, you’re able to record everything that happens when you drive. Due to the increasing cases of insecurity in the present society, the best way to keep your car under surveillance is by using a car DVR. This is a sort of camcorder that installs in your dashboard.

What Are the Features of a Dash Cam?

  • Dashboard cameras capture the view through the car’s windshield.
  • They come with a fixed amount of digital storage, and they recycle the data by overwriting the oldest files when the storage is full.
  • Dashboard video cameras are capable of holding several hours of footage, and the exact duration depends on the video quality of the camera and the amount of memory installed.
  • Some dash cams have GPS tagging and therefore able to show the exact location date and time of each recording.

Why Do I Need a Car DVR?

When thinking of car accessories, a car DVR is a must-have tool for the following reasons:

  • A car DVR can help you address accident claims.
  • Having a car DVR gives you the consciousness of safe driving.
  • Offers you extra security, especially if you’re a taxi driver.