DVRs and Hard Drive Recorders

DVRs have changed the way in which individuals engage with entertainment. No longer do people need to stay up late to catch up on favourite shows on the TV, they can simply record the shows in HD quality and watch them whenever they want and when its more convenient. With a diverse range of manufacturers making the products including TiVo DVRs and hard drive recorders, HUMAX DVRs and hard drive recorders, and LG DVRs and HD recorders, the world of entertainment is yours to command.

User Experiences

Most DVR HD recorders feature a graphically rich user interface, designed for ease of setup and navigation. With sections for live viewing, on-demand content access, TV guide, and personalised recommendations, you can customise your viewing experience any way you want it. In fact, many models allow you to record multiple channels at the same time.


With smooth edges, colours that match your existing entertainment equipment, and easy-to-use remote controls, DVR HD recorders not only give you the entertainment you want, they look great in your home, too.


Not only can you have complete control over your viewing, you can choose to watch media in any resolution you like, whether scaled down for PC viewing or scaled up to full HD for crystal-clear movies and music videos. With hard drives up to 1 TB, store over 300 hours of programming that you can catch up on whenever you want. Some 3D compatible DVRs offer even more storage than that.


Of course, you can connect your DVR to your TV with HDMI cables, or go completely wireless with Wi-Fi connectivity via your router. This has the added benefit of giving you access to your programming in any room of the house, and you don’t have unsightly wires trailing down from wall-mounted TV sets.