Daiwa Spinning Fishing Reel Reels


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Daiwa Spinning Fishing Reels

A globally recognised brand with a solid reputation amongst fisherman, Daiwa have been producing fishing reels, tackle and rods since 1958. As the first company to engineer an open faced reel (with a quicker spin, this allows the fishing line to be wound in faster), Daiwa have continued to be at the forefront of development in all things fishing, with a constant focus on innovation and rising to meet any challenge. Daiwa spinning fishing reels have endured as a popular choice amongst fisherman seeking a reliable and precise reel.

Why use a Daiwa spinning fishing reel?

Daiwa spinning reels are composed of an anodized aluminium spool and typically contain either stainless steel bearings or other bearings made from corrosion resistant materials (although these elements are rust resistant, Daiwa still recommend rinsing reels with freshwater after they have been exposed to saltwater fishing). The Daiwa reels also include an easy to use micro-click front drag adjuster and the Twist Buster mechanism which has been engineered to reduce the potential for twisting in your fishing line. The Daiwa range of spinning reels are ideally suited for use with Daiwa fishing rods which come in an array of sizes and designs to suit different methods of fishing.

What other fishing tackle do Daiwa produce?

In addition to an extensive range of rods and spinning reels, Daiwa have a great selection of lures, line and even Daiwa fishing tackle boxes and bags for keeping your gear neat. This complete setup means that you are fully outfitted with Daiwa gear, regardless of whether you are trout fishing in a high country stream, chasing snapper from a boat or luring a squid off your local pier. Daiwa have a great reputation across the globe for designing fishing tackle to suit specific fish and differing environments, greatly enhancing your chances of landing a fish.

Do Daiwa make clothing and accessories designed for fishing?

Daiwa fishing clothing, shoes and accessories are available to further improve your comfort and abilities on any fishing expedition. Offering everything from polarised sunglasses (a necessity for spotting fish in bright conditions) to long sleeved shirts in breathable fabrics (for sun protection without overheating) and gear for keeping you warm on a cold(hats, gloves and even head socks). Daiwa always deliver high quality clothing and accessories for fishing.