Look wonderful in wool with Dale of Norway clothing from eBay

Check out this amazing collection of Dale of Norway wool sweaters, perfect for both casual and formal wear. wool jumpers are often overlooked in favour of leather jackets and coats, but should be a staple in every man and woman's wardrobe. Wool sweaters add a high degree of sophistication and style. Not to mention, they go well with jeans, shirts and jackets. If you are looking for a great sweater, you’re in the right place. This eBay collection offers a broad collection different sizes, colours and weave patterns.

Dale of Norway wool sweaters Founded in 1872 by Peder Jebsen, the main ideology of the brand was to provide customers with high quality, hand knitted wool sweaters unmatched in design and comfort. From ski sweaters to casual and for business wear, Dale of Norway has become an increasingly popular sweater brand amidst both the young and old of this generation.

Factors to consider when shopping for wool sweaters

The material of the sweater Although you do have a lot of options, when it comes to sheer functionality and design, it's hard to beat high quality wool. Wool is great for heat insulation, keeping your core warm even in the harshest of winter chills. Moreover, quality brands like Dale of Norway design and weave sweaters from 100% sheep's wool.

The size of the sweater Another important consideration is the size of the wool sweater you select. If you don't measure your size, you can end up buying one that’s too loose or too tight. So, the best way to ensure you get the right fit is measure yourself as if you are measuring to get a shirt tailored

Sweater styles While eBay has a stunning collection of different styles in Dale of Norway wool sweaters, you should opt for one that truly complements your physique. For example, crew necks are the most popular styles in sweaters, but you could also opt for v-necks. However, if you are buying a wool sweater, you should consider complementing it with a quality Dale of Norway jumper to complete the look. Find it all on eBay today.