Enjoy cutting edge technology in the kitchen with modern, custom, handmade Damascus steel blade knives

Damascus blades come with a lot of history. The steel was first manufactured in the Near East, made from ingots of wootz steel imported from Southern India.

Damascus knives, made from Damascus steel, are beautiful, sturdy and resistant to damage and wear. The name refers to the process of making these pieces, with each method creating a distinctive wavy pattern, along with a metal that includes several folds, lending strength, and – of course – blade durability.

Whether you're looking for a kitchen knife, a hunting knife or a decorative sword, you can find plenty of options on eBay to suit your needs.

Types of Damascus knives

Damascus chef and kitchen knives can be a chef's best friend and help you cook up a storm!

Damascus folding pocket knives are versatile and popular for many different uses. They’re small, but this is, of course, the best thing about them – and the reason they remain so popular. They have a folding blade that goes into the handle, so they’re safe to carry around in a pocket or backpack.

Damascus hunting knives are truly designed for cutting, so they have edges that are sharpened on only one side. When it comes to hunting knives, there are two main types: fixed-blade and folding. As the name suggests, fixed-blade knives don't fold and usually come with some kind of sheath. These knives are ideal for the hunter in your household. They're more durable and more stable than other knives, which makes them great for hitting those rugged mountains.

Production of Damascus knives gradually declined and finally ceased completely by the middle of the 18th century. That’s why eBay is such a great place to make your purchase of a little slice of beautifully kept history. Browse the full selection of Damascus knives today.