Make quality cuts with Damascus steel knives from eBay. 

Whether you're a knife aficionado from way back or simply favour first-class craftsmanship when it comes to your cutlery, Damascus steel knives are on the cutting edge when it comes to toughness, sharpness and durability. 

What's the deal with Damascus steel? 

Named for the Syrian capital, the legend of Damascus steel goes back more than 17 centuries, where Damascus blades were known to be sharp enough to slice through the rifle of a barrel or cut a single strand of hair in two. The blades are characterised by a mottled finish that resembles shimmering, flowing water. These days, modern Damascus steel blades, knives and swords are made by forging multiple layers of different types of steel. The process requires immense time and concentration. 

What are the benefits of Damascus steel knives?

The many layers in Damascus steel means imperfections are dispersed throughout the whole blade. That makes weak spots less likely to cause you trouble and the knives stronger as a result. Due to this unique production process, Damascus blades boast an individuality and eye-catching look that many other knife products lack. 

What type of Damascus steel products can you buy? 

Damascus steel is used to create a variety of products, including kitchen knives, pocket knives, hunting knives, Bowie knives, samurai swords, cutlery and axes. 

The Game of Thrones connection 

If Damascus blades look familiar, that's because you might have seen something similar on Game of Thrones. Creator George R. R. Martin apparently based the infamous Valyrian steel on it's real-world Damascus counterpart! 

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